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Summer finally arrived

  • PA280234
    Bike ride to Mitta Mitta.

Kona Odyssey Feb 2013

  • P2160336
    Toughest MTB race in Australia - 110km of singletrack.

Road cycling July 2012

  • P7070129
    Beautiful day out on the bike. -3 degrees in the early morning. Cold wind. But beautiful nevertheless. Reminds me of NZ.

Red Centre Enduro

  • IMG_3037
    Recent multistage MTB race I competed in in Alice Springs. Over 5 days. Technical single track.

Road Trip OZ 2011 BMW

  • IMG_3118
    BMW 1200 roadtrip in March 2011 to Victoria - Alps, Great ocean Rd, Grampians all visited. Accompanied by Rob Mitchell in "Daisy" his yellow Triumph convertible.

Cape Epic 2010

  • Sportograf-7956370
    Professional photos taken of the race.

50th Birthday Bash

  • Picture 313
    Some photos of the birthday bash! Great time had by all. Fortunately Sandy took the photos. Good to catch up with some old friends (one I had not seen since matric in 1976 !).

Sunset at Uluru

  • IMG_2015A
    A few of the photos taken at sunset. Not quite as spectacular as sunrise but great nevertheless.

Kata Tjuta- The Olgas

  • IMG_1962A
    An hours drive from Uluru are another set of "rocks" which are equally spectacular. Awesome colours. We walked through them and around them - a 2hr 8km walk. Really is beautiful. I can't imagine how hot it must get during summer ! The sky is - well BLUE ! Enjoy

Uluru from close up

  • IMG_1822A
    This next set of photos was taken on our walk around the rock - app. 9km. In the shadow of the monster with its changing colours against the backdrop of blue sky. Awesome.

50th Birthday at Uluru

  • IMG_1757A
    Photos taken on my birthday. As per my post we rented a Harley for the day. Awesome experience. Some of the shots.

Uluru Sunrise

  • IMG_1907A
    Sequential shots of sunrise at Uluru. Awesome. Its was an overcast morning with only a small gap between the clouds and horizon so the sun only shone on the rock for 10 minutes at that - it lit up like a beacon and just as quickly faded into a dull red or ochre colour. Quite amazing - it feels like it radiates heat. I can see why it has spiritual significance to the aborigines. Sunset was similar but not as majestic (photos to follow).

Glen Davis, NSW BMW trip

  • IMG_1642A
    Day trip to Glen Davis, NSW 1st July 09. In the Blue Mountains. See ride report too.

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Nov 08

  • All over.
    Photos of the race I participated in on 2nd November. Please refer to post for full story. A fantastic race and really enjoyed it.

Central Coast BMW

  • Hardys Bay
    Photos taken from short day trips on the central coast.

Transaustralian Enduro trip 2008

  • Img_0894
    Darwin to Melbourne (coast to coast) - awesome experience and an opportunity to experience a side of Australia not many people get to see on the back of a BMW GS650.

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