> Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Nov 08

Cockpit of my kayak
My kayak - Mirage 580
Unpacking at start
Red Cross tent
View of start
Pre race briefing
Mark and mate checking their kayaks
Last minute checks
I started an hour after Mark
My Landcrew !
Always a smile ! Sterling effort on her part !
Starting area
Start of Marks Class an hour before mine.
30 minutes prior to start
At the start - long night ahead
Start of my class
2 minutes !
Starter ! A character in his graduation gown.
1 minute to go !
30 seconds
View of start
Checkpoint A - 12km into the race.
Thats me in middle No 218 - grey T shirt with black armbands.
Getting Dark.
Arriving at Finish.
Smile for the end !
Made it !
Crossing the line !
Last stroke !
All over.