> Central Kalahari Lions

We saw lion on several occasions. Majestic males and lionesses.

Male lion outside camp
Male lion waterhole  portrait
Male lion waterhole drinking reflection
Male lion waterhole close up
Male lion waterhole
Male lion waterhole
Lion in full flight
Early morning sun
Lioness drinking
Lioness playing
Lion with porcupine quills
Lion 4-1505542762844
Lion with porcupine quills
Lion resting up
Lioness drinking close up 1-1506228109608
Lioness post drink 7D close up 1-1506228121043
Lioness sunset 4-1506230433958
Lioness puzzled
Lioness 7D profile close-1506228085959
Lioness 7D profile-1506228088883
Lioness 7D rolling-1506228094193
Lioness portrait 5D close up-1506230414214
Lioness sunset-1506230438422
Lioness 7D sleeping close up-1506228099655
Lioness drinking-1506228115734